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Did you know the best Investment

By on May 23, 2016

Did you know the best Investment

Most investors will agree, especially in Asia, that real estate investment in most occasions will bear out as the best investment. Sometimes  property investing business strategy might be very easy and at times it may be intricate. It all depends on what strategies you are doing this for and how well you understand this business. Property or realty investing company strategies that will assist you in producing revenue from your business.  Some emerging countries in Asia may be an interesting portfolio to delve into as long term yields should fit handsome especially with capital appreciation.

Take Singapore as an example. Not too long ago its real estate market was in the doldrum but after the hazy period of 2009 the market bounced back in a big way again as much as 150% y-o-y. As DFI poured into the Singapore’s economy property prices sky rocketed.  Since the late 1980s 20-30 or perhaps even 40 years ago none of the existing countries like India, China and might other did not want or care about overseas investments particularly in buying of foreign properties like in Singapore. As developing countries might not afford or want anything like tangible property preferring gold instead. The reserve banks of these countries did not desire or need gold reserves. So gold continues to have restricted supply and with fever pitched industrialisation demand for gold continues to sour.  Asia continues to have a high propensity towards gold but real estate investing has also developed into deeper sophistication with REITs and other derivatives as well.

SGX REITs  has an  average yield is 8 percent; currently, there are 9 industrial REITs listed on SGX. Industrial REITs have the highest distribution yield among different sectors.
Shorter land leases as compared to other REITs properties mean higher depreciation expenses. Some investors believe this higher depreciation expense is the rationale why industrial REITs have a better distribution yield that’s caused by the decreasing denominator of NAV.  Industrial REITs, however, are on short 30 to sixty leases and endure much faster land depreciation than other assets. Thus distribution yield really should be seen as part income and part capital payout.  This short lease term conjointly means that a limitation on capital appreciation.  Vulnerable to country economic performance — Industrial properties are known to be prone to economic performance, and demand is basically driven by the growth of the GDP. Assets are least defensive during an economic recession and will suffer from a chronic recession. Most of the tenants are SMEs, and therefore possess higher risk of defaulting on their rent during a crisis.

In ‘03 to ’04, occupancy for industrial properties was around seventy percent, whereas suburban retail malls had above 80%.   Unable to grow organically — Rent increase for industrial properties is very arduous, as a result of the tenants tend to be SMEs and MNCs who aim to save lots of price by shifting their middle and back office business operations to a business park. In addition, there is pressure from the govt to unleash supply to suppress rent ought to it increase.  Besides that, asset enhancement does not work well on industrial assets. This suggests that that the sole option for growth is through acquisition.  Other areas for individual investors may be to look into executive condo or EC which could have one of the best yield once the minimum occupancy or MOP is secure these residence may see upside of at least 10%.  A good executive condo EC may be to look into new launches in the woodlands area like Northwave EC located along woodlands ave 12.  Look out for prices to moderate around $750 to $850 PSF where most private condo hover above $1,100 easily.  Granted that there will be the MOP that is needed to be served however looking at long term capital appreciation reward at the end will be quite handsome.


Healthy ROI for REITs in Asia

By on April 5, 2016

Healthy ROI for REITs in Asia’s property boom

Investors in real estate investment trusts (REITs), that was called listed property trusts until the rout inflicted by the global financial crisis prompted a reputation amendment, have been doing even higher. Needless to say REITs are to not be confused with mortgage trusts that are a sad story.  Few properties I daresay would have came back 30 per cent annually over the past 5 years however REITs did, consistent with the SGX’s REITs index.  Just suppose, that was while not the hassles of a temperamental toilet, a strata bill to mend concrete cancer, tenants trashing the place or a body corporate complaining.  All right, so you guessed property doesn’t extremely do it for me but you have got to admit I might be on to one thing.  Did I mention REITs are yielding around 4-6 per cent once fees? There will’t be many investment properties that may boast that or we have a tendency to would have heard regarding them.

The opposite thing concerning REITs is that they furnish you instant diversification. They come back in four flavours for a begin – residential , retailing (led by Capmall), office (Keppelland) and industrial (Ascendas) – but additional to the point, they embrace a portfolio of properties. REITs were mauled in the 2009 crisis for over borrowing to invest within the very places where it hit hardest: the US and Europe. Thus decimated were they that solely 17 are still standing. Sorry, sixteen – Australand is being bought out by a Singapore company.
Those remaining learnt their lesson, carrying less debt and management hubris. Still, that doesn’t account for why they’re beating most of the sharemarket, except it must facilitate that they were marked down too far to begin with and several are potential takeover targets.
Since REITs ought to provide a good, reliable income from rents rising with inflation rather than a capital gain of any consequence, though have managed each lately, their real friend has been the outstanding rally in bonds.

A surge in shopping for by central banks has pulled down the yields of Asia’s AAA-rated government bonds and therefore way it’s created something manufacturing an income look sensible.
For REITs low bond yields are like dipping in a mineral spa, cleansing them of economic impurities. Their cost of borrowing drops as cash market rates fall for one, leaving more income that may be distributed to unitholders.  But wait, there’s a lot of. Bond yields are crucial for property values yet. They’re the danger free benchmark for all other rates. For housing they influence fastened rate mortgages, for example.  Bonds additionally set the minimum for the capitalisation or cap rate which is that the rental return divided by its market worth. This is the yield that investors  demand from a property at any given time. Since the rent is fastened the price has to regulate to meet the prevailing cap rate.  Thus as it falls the property can be worth a lot of, though it won’t happen overnight especially as REIT valuations are solely done periodically.  And bond rates are going to be low for ages, with thanks going less to the Reserve Bank and a lot of to all or any the opposite central banks.  Alternatively, actual property like condominiums could be a source for flight to safety as volatility these days emit a fair bit of negative energy.  Some condominiums in the EC arena could be new ones launch like one in Anchorvale Treasure Crest EC.

Parc Riviera Launches at West Coast Vale

By on January 12, 2016

Parc Riviera Launches at West Coast Vale

Parc Riviera is found at West Coast Vale simply about regarding 500m from the main road at West Coast Road. The condominium is found simply next to the Pandan river where waterfront living will be its biggest draw. Along the Pandan River is additionally a network of Park Connectors with the closest at the Ulu Pandan Park Connector is simply minutes walk from Parc Riviera where residents will reach the International Business Park Bridge shortly, then linking to the Southern Loop. A lovely scenic route where blooming orchids, that were planted in collaboration with the Singapore Botanic Gardens. As part of the Western Adventure Loop, Ulu Pandan park connector within the south and Jurong at the junction of the Bukit Batok East Park Connector and Hillview Park Connector.

Parc Riviera condo has access to a pair of main town centres particularly at nearby Jurong East and Clementi.

Jurong East

One in all the most exciting development in the West region is that the transformation of Jurong East from a sleepy swampy outpost to a vibrate city hub which will rival most international hubs anywhere spherical the world. The ASEAN High Speed Rail (HSR) slated to travel from Kunming will have its terminus nearby at Jurong East MRT and hub, high tech and well profiled businesses could be as common as those found at Raffles and Marina. Needless to mention that demand for residences can increase with as these new opportunities attracts abilities to the West region.


Jem is the third largest suburban malls in Singapore with over two hundred retail outlets of international brands, Jem_WestGate-shopping-mall, restaurants and delightful eateries housed in an exceedingly massive space of 800k sq ft. The mall encompasses a terribly big variety of retail experiences for all sorts and purpose.


Westgate by Capitamall is one among the latest malls with a target family oriented and lifestyle giving a good selection of retail experiences for the general public. Families can find a conducive atmosphere that is fun and cheap. There is additionally a direct link from the Jurong East Bus Interchange and also the Jurong East MRT station. Besides the searching, Westgate is also home to numerous company offices.


JCube may be a leisure and entertainment mall with Singapore’s only Olympic-size ice rink and the primary IMAX Parc-Riviera-JCube-Jurong-East theatre within the suburbs located simply across from the Jurong East MRT and bus interchange hub. With about 154 outlets in regarding 316,741 sq. feet, Jcube mall is well-liked amongst the young and active generation especially with the first and solely Olympic-size ice rink within the country – The Rink which features a bench gallery of 460 seats. The hip mall’s retail zone on Level a pair of in offers a numerous selection of stylish and reasonable merchandise. It options a cool street shopping atmosphere amidst a snug, air-conditioned atmosphere. To keep the looking experience partaking, the retail ideas it’s constantly refreshed throughout the year with dynamic themes for the advantage of resident shoppers who are in tune with the latest trends.


IMM caters to discount hunters wanting for best deals of luxury brande
d smart. This mini-factory outlet is graced with brands like Coach, Sacoor, and Polo Ralph Lauren. Besides luxury retailers one will additionally realize different varieties such a Billabong, Challenger, and Giant Hypermart.

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital

Parc Riviera condo is additionally shut to the new Ng Teng Fong general hospital has many options of a modern Ng-teng-fong-general-hospital and well equiped services to rival the best in the globe. Specialist outpatient clinics at the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital includes a eight-storey tower, while inpatient services can be in an exceedingly separate building. The nearby Jurong Community Hospital (JCH) will be located in another twelve-storey building. An innovative building design in a fan-shaped layout can have each bed to be placed next to a window with greenery outside. The design improves ventilation and natural light-weight, and can facilitate to hurry up a patient’s recovery.

Jurong East – Singapore Second CBD

The West region in Singapore has been known for its industrial towns significantly in Tuas and Jurong district, but that section is slowly fading as the nation steps into the new world economy. These areas have served Singapore well back within the day, however with competition in neighbouring countries a low-value model for a fashionable economy like Singapore’s is now not viable if a higher commonplace of living is to be pursued. Currently, at the crossroad to define what the following new economy may be, the west region is Jurong-East-MRT-Station earmarked jointly of its engine of future growth. The URA’s masterplan points to a massive development that can in all probability turn the west region from an industrial factory churning out low finish goods to one that’s the centre of concepts with facilities for R&D, testing and prototyping. One example spearheaded by JTC is the The Jurong Innovation District (JID) that plans to make an environment to facilitate such activities at intervals one, next-generation industrial district also dubbed because the “industrial park of the longer term”. With such massive plans and bold moves the underlying motivation is clear: innovation however not just same-old ‘suppose-out-of-the box’ mandate, however rather the conglomeration of quite a few governmental agencies from URA, JTC, IDA and even manpower to build, execute and produce involved worth to a world that’s literally moving and morphing ever therefore fast. Besides the new industrial zone there also are major plans for the high speed rail terminus at Jurong East also because the Jurong Lake Garden where communities in work and recreation might integrate.

As the hub in Jurong East begins to require form in bringing state-of-the-art of in retail, healthcare and office nearby Jurong Lake Garden will conjointly see some major upgrading. Imagine someday within the near future, Jurong Lake Garden can be a bustling live-work-play district and with the added bonus of a high-speed rail station.

Clementi Town

Clementi is an established estate with lots of amenities to choose from. Clementi Mall may be a fairly new Clementi-Mall but terribly well connected with a bridge to the MRT station. The mall has the Clementi Bus Interchange right below at ground level. Major retail brands such as G2k, Challenger, Best Denki, Fairprice, KFC and McDonald’s may be found. An even newer mall expertise will be found at the 321 Clementi which mainly serves for movie entertainment with Eng Wah or EW as its operator. Most outlets in 321 Clementi are food and desserts with a significant gym center with Fitness First at level 6. Another player in the retail scene in Clementi is CityVibe that has odds and bits stores like VL, computer gaming catering to the younger crowd.


Good choices for schools and these are : Nan Hua Primary School, Jin Tai Primary, Pei Tong Primary, Clementi City Primary, Kent Ridge Secondary ,Tanglin Secondary,Jin Tai Secondary, Clementi City Secondary School, Commonwealth Secondary, Nan Hua Secondary and NUS High School of Mathematics and Science. International faculties such as The Japanese College Singapore, International Community Faculty (ICS) and Dulwich Faculty (Bukit Batok Singapore) is nearby likewise.

Conclusion – Parc Riviera Condominium A Good Choice

Granted these are massive plans and some time in the close to future but indications are that these are plans the government are committed to, so the question is how should we tend to move next?

As can be seen in the massive upcoming development at Jurong East and Jurong Lakeside the upcoming condo in Parc Riviera will likely be a good choice especially when Singapore’s second Central Business District or CBD. If this can be the case then the West Coast road zone, where Parc Riviera condo is located, will enjoy heightened demand for accommodations as workers and companies pours into this what will be a busy hub with international travellers from just across the boarder in Malaysia, Thailand and even China.

Review Kingsford Waterbay

By on February 6, 2015

Review Kingsford Waterbay

Kingsford Waterbay Singapore provides residents the added convenience of living in Singapore’s most cheap river city development. Enjoy the privacy of a location nestled so much from the urban rush and buzz. Indulge yourselves in cosmopolitan looking, partake in exciting and thrilling water sports activities or simply relax yourself inside the heat surrounding greenery, all within the neighbourhood you’d proudly decision your home. With its meandering waterway, breezy and tree-lined rivers, this is waterfront living totally combines trendy architectural concept, wealthy heritage and nature seamlessly into one.

Primarily based on the galvanized style of a sailing ship, Kingsford Waterbay Singapore is sort of a boat that sails through the nice seas – Sungei Serangoon River on one facet and an over 400m long of swimming pool, theme park like feature pools and water choices on the other. Now you’ll proudly advertise your home of obtaining a swimming pool that is a heap of longer than the Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands!

Kingsford Waterbay Singapore is additionally well connected via varied expressways to any elements of Singapore, the bus stop right outside the development will take you to Hougang Interchange where you may be in a position to hop on any bus to want you elsewhere.


Back a few years ago Kingsford Development beat the 2nd highest bidders for each plots, Maxdin and Sing Haiyi Residences, for land Parcel A and land Parcel B by 16% and twelve.7p.c respectively. Parcel A was tendered for $258.eight million, or approximately $52two psf ppr for a site house of estimated fifteen,342 sqm whereas Parcel B was sold for $ million, that is additionally approximately $52two psf ppr for the positioning area of 11,953 sqm.

Analyst said they weren’t surprised by Kingsford’s beyond expected bids as a result of they’re a moderately new developer who needs to compete with this pool of established developers to extend its land bank.

Kingsford Waterbay Singapore is estimated to sell from $1080 psf onwards. Currently, transactions within the immediate vicinity vary between $950 and $1,300 psf.

The amenities outside the Kingsford Waterbay are located on the Upper Serangoon road close by meaning you don’t have to travel far to get what you need.

Kingsford Waterbay is situated near the Rivervale Plaza and Punggol Waterfront Town. Here entertainment of all sorts is at its best, and you can entertain your family and friends effortlessly. Abundant choice of good restaurants and shopping centers along the Serangoon Road  with short rides to Hougang Central where you will have good variety of different foods and entertainment. Buses for public transport near the Upper Serangoon Road and Buangkok road.
Two good malls are also nearby – Heartland Mall and The Fernvale Mall with all the major brand for groceries, clothes, fashions etc.  Lastly, just a short drive or ride residents will find new outdoorsy and retail experiences found in the Punggol Promenade that offers thrilling water sports and other recreational facilities not forgetting dining amenities.
Good schools are also accessible and these are:
The Punggol Primary School
The Serangoon Secondary School
Montfort Junior School and Montfort Secondary School
The CHIL Our Lady of the Nativity.
Holy Innocents High School
Xinmin Primary and Secondary School

Unit Mix – Total 1165 residential units

one Bedroom / 474 sqft to 484 sqft / 252 units
a pair of Bedrooms / 614 sqft to 775 sqft / 372 units
3 Bedrooms / 850 sqft to 104four sqft / 382 units
3 + Study / 1023 sqft / 14 units
three Dual Key / 958 sqft & 980 sqft / 27 units
four Bedrooms / 980 sqft to 1216 sqft / ninety two units
5 Bedrooms / 1302 sqft to 1356 sqft / sixteen units
Strata Terrace / 1625 sqft / vi units
Strata Semi – Detached / 1593 sqft & 1948 sqft / a pair of units

Kingsford Waterbay is a uniquely styled condominium with a wide option of condo facilities in major 6 Zones:
The Steam
Fitness Corner
Sunset Pavilion
Hydro Walk
Spa Creek
50M Lap Pool
Water Theatre
The Creek Pool Deck
Zen Garden
Ecological Pond
Sky Bar
The River
BBQ Sun Deck
Adventure Pool
Mist Pool
Jet Pool
River facet Pool Deck
Outdoor Gym
The Cove
Lagoon Deck
BBQ Pavilion
Bubbling Pool (Children Pool)
Water Slide Playground
Outdoor Kitchen Class
Lagoon Pool (50M Lap Pool)
Wave Pool
Aqua Gym
Waterfront Pool Deck
Outdoor Games Space
The Waterfall
Rolling Lawn
Waterfall Ridge
Function Deck
Putting Green
Water Zen Garden
The Promenade
Meditation Lawn
Afternoon Tea Court
Chess Garden
Rolling Hill Park
Shallow Mat
Viewing Terrace
The Club
Multi-purpose Space
Viewing Deck
half dozen Commercial Shops
Tennis Court
Changing Rooms
Steam Rooms
Childcare Centre

Kingsford Waterbay Review in Summary

Top 5 Reasons Why You should Invest in Kingsford Waterbay

  1. Well Connected by Park connectors – Punggol Park and Sengkang Riverside Park plenty of option for outdoor activities.
  2. Within the vicinity of Hougang town with nice amenities for great convenience.
  3. Good Schools near by.
  4. Reputable developer with many years experience.
  5. Easy access to central town like CBD, Marina Bay Financial Centre, etc

Updates – 

New private residential property sales in June, after the impressive high in the previous month. According to The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Data, only 536 new residences were transacted last month, which halves from 1,058 units sold in May.
The decline’s causes to the shortage of new property launches and the seasonal effect from the June school holidays. However, in comparison with the figures at the same time last year with just 375 units transacted, the sales in June saw an annual increase up to 43 per cent.

All these features positive signals with more buyers coming back to the market. And it is thought that the price is likely to fall much more and that’s the right time for their purchasing decision.

After some cooling property measures of The Government such as Total Debt Servicing Ratio and The Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty in 2013 that have lowered the prices of private property, private homes’ demand has been sluggish considerably.

Last month, only 234 new private homes were launched compared to 1,345 units put up for sale in May. The suburban areas accounting for 60 per cent of deals with 324 units sold led sale, followed by the city fringe with 166 units transacted and the main central region with 46 units. 


It’s All About Me

By on February 15, 2008

NO it Ain’t

Fair Warning:

Reading this post, while useful, just might be painful.The inspiration for it came from a recent training session I attended with the One Page Business Plan (OPBP) organization. Jim Horan, founder of OPBP, brought this topic up and the call suddenly turned quiet as many of us, including me, realized we are indeed guilty of this symptom of the “It’s All About Me” attitude.

The good news is, once recognized, this sin can be avoided, leading to more fruitful client meetings and better clients. Most of us have grown up with an ‘It’s All About Me’ attitude. How and why this is so, is not as important as what we can do to learn an ‘It’s All About The Client’ attitude. This may sound easy, but it’s not.

Despite our best efforts it is natural, especially when we are nervous, to be distracted by our insecurities and focus on ourselves.For instance when meeting a new design prospect, especially if we are not prepared with questions to draw them into conversation about their business, we may get nervous and rush things. That means we start talking instead of listening and rush to show our portfolio.

This puts us squarely into the ‘All About Me’ zone and risks turning our prospect off before we even know what they need. Let alone whether they really are a good fit for our design firm. This ‘All About Me’ perspective is particularly insidious and often manifests itself in overly presumptive behaviour.

You say that does not apply to you, you are never presumptive when in front of a prospect!

Hmmm…do you ever:
* Get tired of listening to the endless stories and complaints of your prospect…and just want to get on with talking about exactly what design project they want right now?

* Present your solutions right up front because you have lots of design experience in their industry and know what works?

* Just know you need to get some new projects now? Want to get to “yes” as fast as possible?

* Find yourself day-dreaming or drifting off in front of your prospect?

These are a few of the clues to help recognize presumptive behaviour. When you begin to feel or act like this, you have moved into being presumptive…which inevitably kills the deal or seriously limits your chances to do good work with this client.

What are some of the techniques for avoiding presumptive behaviors?

* Stay curious! Assume nothing! There is undoubtedly something for you to learn from this conversation.

* Ask questions…particularly if you think you know the answers.

* Pay attention to how much talking you are doing! In the early discovery phase if you are speaking more than 20% of the time, you are talking too much. When you begin to explore solutions the conversation can be 50/50. Just about the time you are ready to present your portfolio, take a deep breath and ask another question!

* Never assume your understanding of their business problem/opportunity is right …until they tell you you’ve got it right! Then ask them to explain to you why it is right!

Is your prospective client boring or irritating you? It’s probably a clue this is not the right client for you to work with! Ask some provocative questions. Still bored…bring the meeting to a close! Tell the prospect you don’t believe you can help them. Life is too short to work with the “clients from hell.”The faster we can recognize when we are shifting into the ‘All About Me’ zone the more successful our prospective client conversations will be.

This means shifting from: I’m the reason for this meeting, look at my portfolio! To, I’m here to help my prospective client uncover their design needs. I will do my best work by facilitating their discovery, not by presenting my truths and good ideas before I know if they are appropriate.I hope I have not been overly presumptuous that this subject would be of interest to you.