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Archive for April, 2010

  1. Re-branding “Procrastination”

    21 April 2010

    Welcome to the third entry in the Productivity Challenges & Frustrations series. Today’s guest entry, by  Debra Wren, designer and creativity coach, addresses that prickly question – Is it really procrastination? Perhaps understanding why we sometimes procrastinate we can adjust our own, and our client’s expectations and work with our own creative process, instead of fighting [...]

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  2. Learning to say NO

    7 April 2010

    Saying ‘no’ is one of the biggest timesavers in existence. Yet, we all say yes far too often. ‘Yes’ when a client asks for another minor round of revisions at no charge and with no change in the schedule. ‘Yes’ to a co-worker asking for help with a project. ‘Yes’ to the creative director when [...]

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