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Archive for July, 2007

  1. Managing Change

    30 July 2007

    "Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." – John F. Kennedy Coaching Comment: Not only is change inevitable and the key to a successful future, but there are four key areas in your design business where change is an imperative. [...]

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    Your People


  2. How To Stay Cash Flow Positive

    24 July 2007

    Happiness is a positive cash flow. ~ Fred Adler – Venture capitalist Coaching Comment: Cash flow may be a dry, boring topic, but it's amazing how interesting it can become when you just don't have enough money in the bank. This situation is particularly vexing when you know you've been busy, you've done some great [...]

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    Time & Money


  3. Message => Lesson => Pain….

    24 July 2007

    Message => Lesson => Problem/Pain => Crisis ~ Coaching Model, with thanks to my mentor coaches Ernest Oriente and Judy Feld. Coaching Comment: Do you sometimes feel like a mouse on a wheel, always running but never catching up with client expectations? Or that your design business could not survive a day without you because [...]

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    Client Relations



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